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TRO-Restraining order
Community Property
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Lafayette Divorce Attorney
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Tel: 337-261-1099

Fax: 337-261.3352

​​620 S. E. Evangeline Thwy

Lafayette, LA 70503


Graduate of U. L. of Lafayette (Polical Science)


Graduate of Southern Law School (2006)


Founder of Flugence Law Firm, LLC


Founder of Flugence Title, LLC

Owner of CTC Computer Consulting


President of Louis A. Martinez Society (2015-2017


President of OCDC Nonprofit (J.S.Clark Chapter School) (2011-2013)


President of I-10 Athletics Basketball Association (2007-Present)

President of Northside Community Development


Owner of Little-ones Love to Learn, LLC

Women of Excellence Award (2019)


FLUGENCE LAW FIRM, LLC should be your first stop when looking for a Family Law attorney.We handle all Personal Injury, Workman Compaensation, Divorce, Family Law Matters, including Restraining order,Child Custody,Community Property, and Alimony. We handle all Criminal Matters and OWI as well. You may also come to us for help starting your business and other legal needs.



Shytishia "SAM" Flugence 


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