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Client Intake

Consultation Agreement:

A fee is charged for all time expended by attorney as follows: 

First Visit: the following reduced rate applies only to first visit which is payable by cash, check, or money order at the time of conference. 

30 minute consultation- 300.00

Additional time- 200.00

Same day consultation- 400.00

1 hour Specialty Consultation 

~Wrongful Death

~Wrongful Termination


~Class Actions

~Other Speciality Cases

The first visit is to allow you, the client, to to receive an individual evaluation of your legal matter. Further it is designed for you to decide whether you would like Flugence Law Firm, LLC to proceed on you behalf. This initial visit in no way obligates you, (potential client) or Flugence Law Firm to perform beyond this initial conference. 

In the event you request additional work or research, including subsequent telephone inquires and correspondence. You will be required to sign a retainer agreement for the matter and purpose of which you will be billed at my regular hourly rate of 300.00 per hour. Further you understand that is not  contract for services or retainer. This is a consultation fee agreement and explanation thereof.

Please sign this document verifying that you have read, understand and agree to terms of this consultation fee agreement.

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